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Who are we?

A specialist consultancy delivering Digital Transformation and Agile Software Development consultancy
bespoke to customer requirements within the following programme phases:

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--------------------   WHY US?   --------------------

We will bring subject matter expertise within digital platforms and enterprise software to empower you to leverage the best technology available.

We embrace agile development and deploy cutting edge DevOps to ensure your solution is robust and deployable at scale rapidly. We will leave you with a team or technology platform that has evolved!

What We Do

  • Digital Transformation
  • Agile Development
  • IT Strategy

How We Do It




Our team of strategists can bring maverick thinking to bear on your business or business challenge. They are proven innovators and have achieved this through NOT accepting the norm. Using us to look at your business, product, service or team through a fresh lens can unleash enormous potential.

Once the plan is formed, use acknowledged experts within their technology stack to ensure that your architecture is optimised right from the start. We will ensure you create the right plan by examining all the options rather than just those tools that you are familiar with. Our aim is to rapidly create solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing technology stack.

Embedded domain experts in to your existing team will allow you to ensure you hit your project milestones, often whilst upskilling the internal team. Working alongside your team, we will be completely integrated whilst working to the plan. We will ensure that we evangelise agile development and preach best practise! (Continuous integration, test driven development, pair programming etc.)

Case Studies

Re-Platforming Technology Stack

The Requirement

One of the world’s most successful management consultancies have built a digitally focussed consulting division. Vertex Agility were tasked with a review of the current technology stack to ensure that the business was fit for purpose to compete in this highly dynamic market place.

The Solution

Vertex Agility supplied a Subject Matter expert to perform a top to bottom review of the existing stack. A full architectural review was completed and a recommendation for a complete re-platforming presented. The business then asked us to complete a roll out new target architecture for (B2B, B2C and Management Information / Business Intelligence) applications developed. The new architecture introduced Agile, BigData technologies, and cloud along with principles such as microservices-based API architectures and DevOps Further Vertex developed and implemented a new Agile delivery lifecycle which was integrated into the management consultancy sales lifecycle; enabling use of Agile, business analysis, requirements capture, QA and Operational handover.

The Result

The new platform enabled huge efficiency uplifts, a deployment speed that was 27 times faster than the old and 50% less failures! This enabled new business wins across Banking, Finance, Retail, eCommerce, Wholesale and Distribution verticals.

Digital team transformation - Major London Based Digital Agency

The Requirement

A digital agency had an out of date CMS structure, they needed to define a more advanced tool to support the large influx of client demand for increased flexibility within their web solutions.

The Solution

Our discovery phase settled on CQ5 as the platform of choice. We were then asked to assist with the transformation of the existing team.

The Result

Utilising our consultants with proven competence and top 5% technical ability, we were able to quickly deliver a talented team with deep CQ5 expertise. This team were briefed to integrate with the existing team to transform their skills as well as handle client led work and deliver on live projects. Our consulting team were on site for a six month assignment, during which time our talent partner, Vertex Solutions built an in house team to 9 members. Vertex, in partnership with our client, have transformed the digital team in to the top CQ5 development team in the UK. The team have been integral to the business winning over £ 2 million worth of new client business during the last 12 months.

Build and management of web development team - Swiss Web Start Up

The Requirement

A digital start up, based in Switzerland, required partnership to implement on the strategy for their novel mobile / web based service. They did not have project management resource or the bandwidth to build and develop the team. They ideally wanted a “plug and play” solution to bring their product to market as quickly as possible.

The Solution

Further to initial consultation, Vertex Agility provided a scrum team of 6 web developers covering the full software stack and including scarce skilled engineers with deep expertise within Ruby, Perl and PHP. Development was completed utilising an iterative agile methodology that allowed the customer to maintain a regular communication channel. However Vertex Agility took responsibility for the management of the team allowing the client to focus on their commercial strategy.

The Result

A team was established within 8 days from receiving the brief and were actively working within 2 weeks of maintaining the brief! The business launched successfully. They have just been able to secure significant round 2 funding due to the progress that the team has made with the product.

Mobile Application Consultancy – Mobile / Web start up (UK)

The Requirement

Our client – a start up in the mobile application / digital space engaged with Vertex Agility to deliver an Android application in order for them to launch their application on both iOS and Android simultaneously. They engaged with us for this as they desired a complete solution and did not have the bandwidth to manage the development internally.

The Solution

Our CTO initially went through a full requirement gathering process in order to firm up the technical brief from the client. A team of Android developers were assigned to the project. The development team were based globally and so the Project Management was completed using an Agile/Scrum process applied to the “virtual team”.

The Result

The Application was built successfully during the given 3 month time window.

Infrastructure and Device Consultancy – Tier 1 Consumer Electronics Brand

The Requirement

Our client – a major consumer electronics brand were having issues over the security of their cloud based network and the connected devices. The internal infrastructure was under-skilled in terms of specific security competence; there was also a geographic complication to their problem.

The Solution

The client initially engaged a Vertex Agility security specialist to conduct a discovery phase which constituted a full vulnerability assessment. The results of this were then transformed in to an internal security strategy. The implementation of this strategy was delivered by the Vertex Agility team. Vertex Agility have supplied a team of security specialists consisting of penetration testers, reverse engineers and configuration / cloud specialists.

The Result

The team have revolutionised the security of the network and connected devices, so much so that the client has chosen to retain this team onsite on an ongoing basis. It is impossible to quantify the value to this business of secure devices and a secure network, it certainly is in the 10’s if not 100’s of £ millions!

IT transformation Programme – Global Insurance Business

The Requirement

This high profile business were embarking on a £ 30mil business transformation programme. It was essential to ensure that the requirements of the programme were defined and then delivered in the most efficient manner. The programme of work constituted not just IT infrastructure change but also business process re-alignment as well as cultural change.

The Solution

Vertex Agility were instructed to run the programme, we provided senior level consultation and ongoing Programme management. Our business transformation specialist initially ran a thorough analysis of internal capability and undertook a top down review. Once the programme had been reshaped we were then tasked with building the appropriate team and delivering the programme. The team constituted a mix of Vertex Agility staff with internal hires – our partnership with the talent business Vertex Solutions was key to ensuring that this was completed painlessly, did not slow the programme and resulted in a team with “no visible gaps” between internal and external team members.

The Result

The programme is running to time and budget and the client is delighted with the transformation that is well underway. Vertex Agility has already been instructed in to another area of the organisation to solve a similar issue.

Cloud Infrastructure

The Requirement

Our client – a global broadcast brand, identified a need to build a cloud based global service platform to leverage IoT to connect devices, gather data and serve content.

The Solution

Vertex Agility’s Cloud Architect team performed the initial consultation and assist the client with the development of the strategy and architecture. We then added a scrum team to inject in to the clients existing development teams. This happened in such a seamless way that most of the incumbent team had no realisation of Vertex Agility’s involvement in the programme. The architecture has been built in a shorter time frame than the client expected and their in house developers have been almost completely skills transformed.

The Result

The client is already on the cusp of announcing their next iteration of smart TV. The move in to the cloud not only allows savings in terms of infrastructure efficiency, the business is also able to leverage a range of next generation “devOpps” tools that has revolutionised their development and release processes.

General Development Practices

The Requirement

A mobile technology developer in Hampshire had ambitious plans for growth within their software engineering and test development teams. Their requirement was made challenging by their extremely high barrier to entry combined with their geographical location and access to talent. They were also completing a move from waterfall to Agile methods and needed consultancy support in order to effect this change.

The Solution

Our Agile consultant spent time within the business and the key stakeholders to establish the "current norm" and the "new norm". A plan was then agreed with the business to combine the change with a programme of new talent acquisition.

The Result

The client achieved the milestone of 8 specialist hires during the period. Through our network, we were able to "increase the agile DNA" to dovetail with the roadmap for change.





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