Robotic Process Automation is fundamentally changing back office processes across all industry sectors – from banking to insurance to retail:

RPA allows a business to automate processes and effect huge cost savings as well as uplifting quality. Using RPA to automate allows you to free up "human time" to utilise in area’s that require interaction.

Vertex Agility allows customers to understand the opportunity arising from RPA for their business and then to support them through the transformation process.

Our Services:

  • Discovery - Identify the size and scope of the RPA opportunity
  • Map - Identify and map the processes that could be replaced through RPA.
  • Implement and manage the transformation
  • Develop your internal RPA team – hire and train.

The Technology:

    Blue Prism: Chosen due to its unique ability to implement at enterprise level and thus effect control and security built in.

    "Blue Prism is an enterprise-strength Robotic Process Automation software platform which is robust, highly scalable, powerful and flexible, designed from first principles to provide organisations with a business owned and IT supported Virtual Workforce."
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