IoTA is a secure digital platform designed to allow you to rapidly and cheaply integrate Internet of Things solutions into your business environment.

  • Plug and Play
  • Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Visualisation built-in

Why IoTA?

  • Security - IoTA has been designed from the outset to comprehensively address Internet of Things security concerns using trusted digital secuirty standards.
  • Speed - IoTA is intended to offer you the simplest, fastest possible route to ROI without worrying about infrastructure or inflated consultancy costs.
  • Scale - IoTA harnesses the power and capability of the public cloud in concert with integrated machine learning to readily scale in tandem with your business needs.

With IOTA, you focus on your business case objectives and digital sensor configuration and the platform takes care of the rest of the setup including security, internet connectivity, scalable hosting, data pipelining, machine learning, analysis, visualisation and prediction.

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