Enterprise Organisations

  • Steve Blank considers organisational debt to be a real issue  just as pernicious as other, more familiar forms of debt.   For Blank it covers a multitude of structural, process and hiring dysfunctions that inhibit a company’s productivity.   Much of it derives from failing to grasp the true meaning of “ act in haste, repent at leisure “. Here’s a good, frankly all too familiar example of what he means:

“Should’ve-fired-a-long-time-ago” debt: Hiring a candidate is so much easier than firing an employee.  For that reason, without proactive, diligent management of talent, over time, organizations can be filled with people who really shouldn’t be there, but who are perpetually on verbal warnings or plans and will have to be dealt with at some point.

  • Good insightful post from Steven Sinofsky  on why selling products and services to enterprises requires you to invert conventional sales logic.  It’s all about the relationship and the partnership not the product which really only enters the picture at the end of the process.