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Infrastructure and Device Consultancy – Tier 1 Consumer Electronics Brand

Tier 1 Consumer Electronics Brand

Our client – a major consumer electronics brand were having issues over the security of their cloud based network and the connected devices.

The Client’s Challenge

The internal infrastructure was under-skilled in terms of specific security competence; there was also a geographic complication to their problem.

Our Approach

The client initially engaged a Vertex Agility security specialist to conduct a discovery phase which constituted a full vulnerability assessment. The results of this were then transformed in to an internal security strategy. The implementation of this strategy was delivered by the Vertex Agility team. Vertex Agility have supplied a team of security specialists consisting of penetration testers, reverse engineers and configuration / cloud specialists.

The Result

The team have revolutionised the security of the network and connected devices, so much so that the client has chosen to retain this team onsite on an ongoing basis. It is impossible to quantify the value to this business of secure devices and a secure network, it certainly is in the 10’s if not 100’s of £ millions!

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