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Digital team transformation - Major London Based Digital Agency

A digital agency had an out of date CMS structure

A digital agency had an out of date CMS structure. 

The Client’s Challenge

Our client needed to define a more advanced tool to support the large influx of client demand for increased flexibility within their web solutions.

Our Approach

Our discovery phase settled on CQ5 as the platform of choice. We were then asked to assist with the transformation of the existing team.

The Result

Utilising our consultants with proven competence and top 5% technical ability, we were able to quickly deliver a talented team with deep CQ5 expertise. This team were briefed to integrate with the existing team to transform their skills as well as handle client led work and deliver on live projects.

Our consulting team were on site for a six month assignment, during which time our talent partner, Vertex Solutions built an in house team to 9 members. Vertex, in partnership with our client, have transformed the digital team in to the top CQ5 development team in the UK. The team have been integral to the business winning over £2 million worth of new client business during the last 12 months.

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